SAP - 075 - The Haircut

November 12, 2018

After 12 and a half years Nicole decides to cut her hair.  This entire episode is discussing the history of Nicole’s hair evolution and why she decided to go under the blades after 12 and a half years. 


SAP - 074 - Spend Money To Save Money

September 28, 2018

Title says it all

Oh, and some work out tips



SAP - 073 - 3 Folks, 1 Mic and a Baby

September 11, 2018

On September 7th, 2018 Nicole and John jumped on another livestream to Facebook when the Man, the Myth, the Legend................The MYERS returns.  Join them as they discuss the olden days and Josh does his best to annoy John.


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SAP - 072 - Awkward Office Birthday

September 7, 2018

This week Nicole and John discuss birthdays.  They also check out a few different birthday songs (which is amazing).  Also the game of "who said it" Biden vs Michael Scott Edition.

This episode was recorded live in front of a facebook Audience on 09/07/2018


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SAP - 071 - Teaching With Tin Tin

August 31, 2018

This Week's Episode Nicole ask the villian from 1994's movie The Crow, Tin Tin, some questions.  We play the New York Times game of "who said it" Trump or Gotti.  There's even another game where Nicole gives a name of a place and he has to guess if it is a mental health facility, church or subdivision.  Tin Tin then makes a surprise return to wrap it all into a wonderful package.

This Episode was recorded live in front of a Facebook audience on August 31st, 2018

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SAP - 070 - Safety First

August 24, 2018

Nicole and John record another live episode where they talk about safety drills at school.  Nicole gets stuck in the 1990s and her love of concerts, and they both learn to never throw a flaming doll around at the end of a wooden stick.

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SAP - 069 - Badger Pee

August 21, 2018

John's car breaks down and we race to climax in our 69th episode. 


SAP - 068 - How To Date

August 18, 2018

John and Nicole record another live episode in which they return to 1949 and learn the secrets to dating.


SAP - 067 - Tonguing Your Audience

August 10, 2018

Nicole and John go live as they distract themselves from their oldest starting school today.  On the docket:  voicemail warnings from a computer, some products Nicole and John may need to use since their child now goes to school. a Marvel DC Crossover and more kindergarten talk. 


This episode was recorded live and broadcast on facebook at The Socially Awkward Podcast Page.

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SAP - 066 - Upgraded Shenanigans

August 6, 2018

Nicole and John (with the addition of their kids) test out the new equipment for production.  They decide to broadcast live when their baby falls asleep for a nap.  Given that nothing was prepared on the new machines insanity moves forth and their daughter states that Donald Trump is the greatest living magician.  What in the world?


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