SAP - 065 - Tom’s Tours

July 25, 2018

In this episode Nicole and John discuss the adventure that is the Tom's Tours.  Located in beautiful Gainesville Florida, this unexpected planned event spanned county after county (actually just one county).  This is the first episode recorded live and was broadcasted on FaceBook.  We are thinking of making this a normal format.  Regardless, watch and hear the experience where The Captain orders the untrained sheep in an attempt to bequeath knowledge. 


SAP - 064 - Not An Episode

June 27, 2018

This episode is not an episode (er.....).  John gives a quick update of what is going on, what is going to happen and tells everyone about his new band:  Lesbians Alergic to Women (AKA The LAW).


SAP - 063 - Chairloom

June 12, 2018

On Memorial Day we had our friend Josh over and partook in regular memorial day things:  eating at a gas station, visiting the local walmart and breaking chairs.  In the heart of the chair that was broken was a floodgate of memories (not really).  We also get visited by a robotic voice that calls Josh a farty pants.  This is followed by the highlights of part one of Josh teaching John how to play Rocketleague.  It is in this interaction Josh farts into the microphone because he is a child.  Video of the game play is slotted to be uploaded to the youtube channel.

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SAP - 062 - Mother’s Day Cents

May 14, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day when Nicole gets John to do manual labor all day every day.  We also discuss John’s latest Papa John’s experience where most things go wrong……….but he says he would do it again.

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SAP - 061 - Not Kitten Around

April 23, 2018

Nicole describes having bubble tea for the first time.  John compares it to backwash and is unsure if he would make the sacrifice again in the future.  Nicole and John discuss having a "Ghost" moment where John hugs Nicole while she scrubs baby poop from a baby outfit.  Nicole tells John to not think to much and we end with an interview with our daughter.  She gets loud folks, very very loud.


SAP - 060 - Yes, Woah, Man

April 16, 2018

Nicole and John rush an episode in as they explore John's idea for a book.  It's discussed on the episode because it's determined it will never be written.


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SAP - 059 - Anne Taintor

April 9, 2018

This week we get to talk to THE Anne Taintor!  Anne Taintor has been making smart people smile since 1985.  We get to discuss with Ms. Taintor part of her creative process, what she finds funny, and how to train a husband.  We also learn this lady is amazingly nice!  She’s so nice, in fact, that she turns the tables and interviews us for a moment.  Listen to this episode and learn why John regrets that he didn’t tell Anne Taintor that he is a “beautiful, beautiful man”.

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SAP - 058 - Ramble On

March 25, 2018

This week Nicole and John get ready to explain why there wasn't going to be an episode this week or next and then end up talking about: donuts, movies, more food, weight loss, more food..................they basically ramble on.


SAP - 057 - Weathered, Whether, Weather

March 19, 2018

John is super sick, so this week we dust off a discussion from the archive and we talk about The Weather.  The tapping you hear towards the end is the portable mic being tapped by Nicole's arm as she is burping the baby (I think).  Hope to be at full health next week.


SAP - 056 - Stick It To The Man

March 12, 2018


Things start off a bit slow as you hear John and Nicole struggle being parents and PODCAST CELEBS (not really)!!!!!!

Things start getting funnier then anything you could possibly imagine once they launch into Haiku time.  They discuss the relationship between Jim Morrison and key fobs.  You hear the baby fart on more than one occasion!  Nicole does commercials for multiple organizations completely unprompted.  We also discuss inappropriate songs for weddings.......The whole thing goes into a whirlwind when Nicole threatens to mix up all of the LEGOS in the house and she can't figure out what button to push on the recorder (there is only one, and it's gigantic and round).


The previous day Nicole had a topic she wanted to discuss which really opens up an interesting silly discussion about living with strangers and sleeping in garages.  That last part is a bonus taking this episode to nearly one hour.

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